Posted by: Real Madrid Videos | June 3, 2008

Guti to AS: We have got a great squad

Guti: “We have a team that will be able to fight next year the Tenth (CL)”

Here is Guti`s interview with sports daily AS.

  • You’re on holiday while the Spanish national team had trouble getting
    by Peru.

Well, that’s the luck of the draw. I would have liked to
be there to help out, but Luis made a list and he still has faith in his people.
The rest of us get to watch on TV.

  • Is the team going to miss the
    best version of Guti?

I don’t know. There are some great players
there but, again, I would have liked to have been one of them. Right now,
however, isn’t about what’s been lost but rather about Spain doing as well as

  • Do you think Spain has a chance to win?

Yes. It’s a great team with young players who are title-hungry. Luck also
plays a part, but Spain is among the top four team player-wise.

  • And
    some of the best players aren’t even there.

There’s a lot of room
for opinions in football. Raúl, Joaquín? The list would have been different if I
was the coach. I am sure I would have included players who aren’t there. But
football is relative and it depends on everyone’s likes and dislikes.

  • After a great yeat, it’s now time to rest up and begin thinking
    about next season.

We deserve to have a little down time to enjoy
the summer. It was a good year, but we have to do even better next season. We
did well from start to finish on a national level, but Madrid has to do better
on a the European stage.

  • Is this team good enough to duke it out
    for the 10th?

Yes, we’ve got a great squad. If we don’t get too
banged up and reach key moments of the Champions League with every player
available, I’m sure we can do well.

  • Can you see yourself lifting
    the trophy?

I hope so. Whenever fans see me they tell me how eager
they are for us to do well in the Champions League.

  • Who else
    would you like to share a dressing room with?

I’m happy with who we
have now. Out team is well enough balanced that we don’t need to sign many

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