Posted by: Real Madrid Videos | June 7, 2008

Euro 2008 Begins tomorrow Switzerland against Czech Republic

Tomorrow Saturday June 7th 2008 begins EURO 2008 in Switzerland at 12:00pm
Eastern Time USA, 6:00pm GMT
Saturday June 7th 2008
Group A:
Switzerland Vs Czech Republic
12:00pm in Basel (City)- St. Jakob-Park (Stadium)
Group A: Portugal Vs Turkey 2:45pm in
Geneva at Stade de Genève As far as I know the first game in every competition is much more
complicated than the second game or third, bought teams will play with very hi
security level, no mistakes but this match is little bit different fore many
reasons, one of them is Switzerland does not have that much experience in EURO
competitions, they did not qualify to any competition for long time now, they
also did not play the qualifying round to see what is their real level, as we all
now there is no England in EURO 2008 even with Frank Lampard, Joe Cole, Tirry,
Ashley Cole, David Beckham…It is not easy to qualify to the EURO finals, that’s
why I never say this team will win or lose, all teams are big in soccer
now (Europe even Africa now), there is no small teams, I exactly remember
how Greece win the last EURO 2004 in Portugal, do you remember that? It was
amazing, no one said that Greece will win and against Portugal in Portugal.
I also observed that many times local teams usually do well just like
France World Cup 2008, Korea and japan in World Cup 2006, Egypt Africa 06 in
Egypt, Portugal played the final last EURO 2004, Colombia in Copa America I
think 2000…I am not saying that Switzerland or Austria will win in this
competition but I believe that the will play good because they have nothing to
lose against Italy, France, Netherlands and Portugal, Spain also is one of the
Tomorrow Switzerland plays against Czech Republic at 12:00pm
East USA, I think Czech has more chance to win this game not because of
Switzerland European level but the players quality.
Czech Republic best players: Pter Chek (Chelsea Goal Keeper), Tomas Galasek
(Nürnberg Midfielder), Jan Koller (Nürnberg Forward), Milan Baros (Portsmouth
Switzerland best players: Philippe Senderos (Arsenal Defender), Hakan Yakin
(Young Boys Midfield), Alexander Frei (Dortmund Forward)

It is going to be difficult for bought teams tomorrow,
Switzerland will benefit from their own stadium and their eager supporters,
Czech Republic have a number of experienced player who can make the
difference any time.
Good Luck for the winner, Hard Luck for the looser.

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