Posted by: Real Madrid Videos | June 8, 2008

Ballack leads Germany Against Poland and Austria plays Croatia EURO 08

EURO 2008 Match Day June 7th 2008

Germany VS Poland June 7th 2008 20:00 GMT 2:00pm East USA

14 games, 10 wins for Germany 4 draws 0 wins for Poland, looking at the statistics it is clear that Germany is way better than Poland, every body knows that, but as i mentioned in a previous post there is no modest teams in EURO 2008

Austria Vs Croatia June 7th 2008 18:00 GMT 12:00pm East USA

Austria is facing tomorrow Croatia and the world!, this Austria’s first match ever in a EURO competition, it is true that they will play in their stadium in front of their supporters but it is going to be a great experience for every body in Austria, of course every team is competing for the title but for the Austrians it is already a big win by organizing the EURO 2008 with Switzerland.

Croatia will play without their star player Eduardo Da Silva Arsenal’s player, We all remember Croatia in the last world cup, we all remember their good performance, I think they will win this game, it is not going to be an easy game for Croatia but there is always something called surprise.

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