Posted by: Real Madrid Videos | June 9, 2008

France 0-0 Romania. Netherlands 3-0 Italy -LIVE- Euro 2008 today’s matches

France 0 Romania 0 First Half, pleas come back for the highlights after the game 😉

I think Netherlands and Italy will win this group C, France had a lot of difficulties against Romania, Karim Ben Zima “future Zidane” could not lead France tonight.

Next Match Netherlands Vs Italy LIVE

Netherlands Vs Italy Match preview – VIDEO

Watch Netherlands Vs Italy Live EURO 2008

P.s:Updates (3-0 Final) Watch Video Highlights Here:

26′ 1-0 Ruud van Nistelrooy [Netherlands]

31′ 2-0 Wesley Sneijder [Netherlands]

79′ 3-0 Giovanni van Bronckhorst [Netherlands]


  1. EURO 2008 UPDATES
    Netherlands 2-0 Italy
    Van Nestelroy 1-0 (off side)
    Esnidjer 2-0 nice play started by Geo after he saved Italy`s play on the line

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