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EURO 2008 Who is Next- Italy 2-0 France LIVE

Italy 2-0 France (Final)
“The Expected Final for EURO 2008 is Over”

France and Italy out Group “C”



25′ Andrea pirlo 1-0 [Italy] WATCH IT HERE

62′ Daniele De Rossi 2-0 [Italy] WATCH IT HERE

Today’s match Italy against France is a tough one, a world cup class game. Italy the last world cup winner in Germany 2006 against its rival in that final France, A photo-copy from Germany 2006 Final but there is a huge difference between today’s match and Germany 2006 World Cup Final.

How many of you have expected Italy Vs France in EURO 2008 Final? Personally I expected Netherlands Vs Portugal, I was sure that France is not going to be in the final this time for many reasons such as Zine Eddine Zidane absence and some other little details.

They really need a leader, after Zidane there is no leader for France, many of us have expected Karim Ben Zima Lyon player to lead France in EURO 2008 others even believed that he is the future Zidane for France but the truth is he is not at that level yet, the player still young and need more experience.
To be a team leader just like Ballack for Germany or Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal, Esneijder for Netherlands…the player needs to be prepared for that mission, we all know how the media can destroy a player in a mutter of days, it is true that Karim Ben Zima has a lot to give more to France but he needs support from the press, his teammates, supporters…etc

An other matter is the squad list for EURO 2008, I totally disagree with Dominch France coach on the list of players he brought to EURO 2008, I do not understand why a Player like David Trizegue or Phelipe Mexes are out of the list, we all saw France difficulties in their first tow games, they had a big problem in their defense, why would I call Thuram who played only a few games for Barcelona this year and let Mexes out who played the whole season with Roma, Copa Italia Winner against Inter, he even scored on that Final 2-1 for Roma WATCH IT HERE

An other player who deserves to be in EURO 2008 is Arsenal player Flamini, he had a great performance this season with Arsenal, there is also David Trezeguet Juventus striker and extra-time winner in the UEFA EURO 2000 final, France-Italy in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
France coach Raymond Domenech :“We’ve been trying to get the Dutch game out our heads for the last three days,” the 56-year-old said. “Despite the result, there were positives to take from the performance, notably concerning the number of chances we created. But we need to find a balance. Against Romania we made a lot of effort to defend, whereas against the Netherlands we made a lot of effort to attack. Against Italy we’ll need to do a lot of defending and attacking.”


I see more Italy Than France in the quarter finals , not because they are the the world champions but they played way better than France in this tournament, just by comparing their tow games in Group C, they seriously tried to win against Romania, we saw a motivated team that was looking for 3 points but the referee decision on Luca Toni’s goal was missed, the goal is 100% Valid, the Referee Tom Henning said that Italy’s goal was valid and he made a mistake, “There is nothing to discuss. I made a mistake on Toni’s goal and I said the same to the UEFA Commission,” said the ref.
Difference: at least Italy has a team leader, I think Del Piero will be the difference in this game, we all saw him against Netherlands, the only Italian player who seems to be super motivated and changed the way Italy played before him in the first half, Donadoni also understand that, he even played almost the whole game against Romania as Italy’s Captain.

Italy Coach: Roberto Donadoni “I already have a good idea of my lineup, but this time I won’t reveal anything beforehand.” he added “It’s just like any other game. It’s an important game, but playing France is no different to playing the Netherlands or Romania. Both sides will be extremely motivated and will try to win. It should be exciting. I can’t wait for the game to start.”

Group C (Tuesday) scenarios explained by uefa:
Netherlands (6, winners) v Romania (2), France (1) v Italy (1)
Again, top spot is decided in favor of the Netherlands, and second-placed Romania will join the Dutch in the quarter-finals by winning their encounter in Berne. If Romania draw or lose then that would allow either France or Italy to go through by winning their match in Zürich – the only way Les Bleus can progress. If Romania lose and the others play out a score draw, Italy would go through in a three-way head-to-head tie on two points as they would have scored more goals in the games involving France and Romania.
If Romania fall by one goal, two goals or by a three-goal margin other than 3-0 and the other match finishes 0-0, Romania would advance as their head-to-head record with Italy would be dead level but they would have a superior overall goal difference (or in the case of the three-goal defeats, goals scored). If Romania lose by four goals or more and the other game ends 0-0, Italy would proceed with a better overall goal difference than Romania. If Romania lose 3-0 and the other match finishes 0-0, Italy and Romania would have to be split on qualifying coefficients, in which case Italy would prevail 2.364-2.250.

It is hard to say that Italy or France will win this early unexpected final; looking back to these tow teams performances in their first and second matche I clearly see the difference between an Italian team who played very well but no chance and France a team without a leader who can change the game any time just like Zidane did before.
As I mentioned above Alessandro Del Piero Luca Toni and Grosso played very well against Romania and deserved to win that game but the ref decision destroyed their effort. I we take a look to France performance against Romania we clearly feel that France has played without soul, it was a boring game with no goals an no soccer suspense and beauty, it is a shame to see a world cup winner 1998, EURO 200 winner and World Cup 2006 Finalist playing that bad, It was the worst match in EURO 2008 and the only 0-0 so far.

The Key: Basically the key in this group of death “C” was Romania, all of us or 90 % of EURO 2008 Fans have expected one of the big teams in this group will leave EURO 2008 with Romania because only tow teams will go to the quarter finals, some expected France others Netherlands a few said Italy, of course with Romania but nothing happend of that,France has shown a poor performance, Netherlands a massive attack, 7 goals in tow games, Italy maybe a little bit not lucky but still not that good to win EURO 2008 and Romania have their destiny in their hands if they win against Netherlands bey bey Italy and France.

what do you think?

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