Real Madrid Stadium

Name: El Estadio Santiago Bernabeu
Inauguration: 14 December 1947
First match: Real Madrid-OS Belenenses
Renovations: 1953, 1982, 1992, 1998 & 2003-2004
Pitch dimensions: 107*72
Capacity: 80,400 seats
Floodlights: 1,300 lux
Address: Avenida Concha Espina 1, 28036 Madrid

The Real Madrid stadium is more commonly known by the name of its founder, Santiago Bernabeu, and is used to host Real Madrid´s 1st team matches. Located in the Northern center of the city on the side of the main North – South Paseo de la Castellana.
Real Madrid club built a field that caused a sensation inside and outside the capital of Spain Madrid.

The Old Chamartín Stadium

In 1924 the club built the Old Chamartin, historic sports field with a capacity for 15,000 spectators where Real Madrid will be playing for 23 years later.

In mid-December 1947 the dream became a reality; the old stadium was replaced by THE NEW CHAMARTÍN thanks to donations from Real Madrid fans after the club’s original home was damaged in the Spanish Civil War.


In 1954, the new stadium was a fact and became one of the 5 stars stadiums in the world with the capacity of 125.000 spectators in the stands, a year later 1955 The New Chamartin changed its name to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in honor of the president Don Santiago Bernabeu.

Santiago Bernabeu 1953

In 1982, the club faces the modernization of the stadium due to the World Cup in Spain.

Santiago Bernabeu 1982

In 1997 the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium celebrated its 50th birthday; the Club organized an exhibition inside the stadium, where they exhibited the best won trophies in its history of existence.

Santiago Bernabeu 1992

In 2007, the UEFA informed the club its decision to include the Santiago Bernabeu in the elite category Stadiums. It was the best gift possible for a compound that was one month to celebrate his 60 birthday.

Santiago bernabeu 2008

The club is already thinking about the future, the club is planning to take some actions by developing new future modifications of both assets, the Stadium as the City of Real Madrid. The Heritage Real Madrid is a world of opportunities for the club and the partners who will always love Real Madrid, and give the chance to everyone to enjoy the “madridismo” by making it a Social Club open to all who identify with the values of Real Madrid.


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